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Allen Organ Dealer Resources Usage / Licensing Agreement

1. Acceptance of License Terms
By registering for the Allen Organ Dealer Resources (AODR), the Applicant ("Licensee") agrees that the material included in AODR contains confidential and copyrighted Allen Organ Company (AOC) business material and other software. The Licensee acknowledges that the Licensee has read all terms and conditions of this Agreement and accepts them without modification. The Licensee further agrees that this is the entire Agreement between the Licensee and Allen Organ Company relating to the AODR and that there have been no other warranties, representations, covenants or understandings relating of the subject matter of this Agreement.

2. License
The Licensee is hereby licensed to use the material included on the AODR only for the purpose of promoting and servicing AOC products. The Licensee is prohibited from transferring the material to another party without the written consent of AOC. Licensee may not assign in whole or in part any interest in this Agreement. Any sale or change in control or ownership or management of Licensee without the express written consent of AOC shall at Allen's option cause this Agreement to automatically terminate. Termination of the Licensee as an AOC dealer or Authorized Service Representative will also cause this Agreement to automatically terminate.

3. Pricing and Payment
Licensee may be allowed to purchase parts and other materials through the AODR from AOC at prices and upon terms and conditions prevailing at the time of shipment. AOC reserves the right to refuse shipment or to require payment prior to shipment to any Licensee. In the event that AOC shall place collection of a past due account with an attorney or collection agency, the Licensee agrees to pay all costs and expenses of collection including without limitation including court costs, collection and attorneys' fees. All shipments are F.O.B. the AOC factory in Macungie, Pennsylvania USA and will be shipped by carrier designated by the Licensee. If the Licensee does not designate a carrier, AOC will select one. All cost and risk of loss passes to the Licensee upon delivery by Allen to the carrier.

4. Termination of License
This License shall terminate automatically if the Licensee violates any term of this Agreement.

5. Accuracy of Information Included in the AODR
AOC makes no warranties relating to the accuracy of the material included in the AODR. AOC will do its best to insure that the material is accurate. Should any material include errors, the Licensee will inform AOC of such and AOC will make its best efforts to correct the material in a timely fashion. In no event shall Allen Organ Company be liable to the Licensee or any other person for any special incidental consequential, or indirect damages for any reason relating to the usage of the material included in the AODR.

6. Governing Law.
This Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. The parties agree that any litigation concerning this Agreement and/or the relationship of the parties may be commenced in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania or in the Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania U.S.A. The parties hereto submit and agree to the jurisdiction of said courts. The parties further agree that any litigation concerning this Agreement and/or the relationship of the parties shall be heard before a judge and the parties waive a trial by jury.

In the event that any of the provisions of this Agreement are declared unenforceable by a duly authorized court having jurisdiction, then this Agreement with respect to enforceable provisions shall continue in force and all rights and remedies accrued under the remaining enforceable provisions shall survive any such declaration.

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